Hoi An, located on the Central Coast tourist route, attracts visitors with its rustic and romantic beauty, making it a favorite destination for travel enthusiasts. If you are already familiar with attractions such as the Japanese Covered Bridge, the Assembly Hall of the Fujian Chinese, and the Hoi An Market, then Hoi An Impression Theme Park is a new destination that almost everyone will find fascinating.

Overview of the Park

Overview of the Park

Hoi An Impression Theme Park offers not only the grand Hoi An Memories Show but also various mini shows and incredibly picturesque photo spots. The park opens from 3 PM and offers a diverse range of activities, services, and performances. Regardless of which activity you participate in, you will undoubtedly be impressed because, as they say, “Give me an hour, and I will make you proud to be Vietnamese.”

1. World of Hoi An

This is the welcoming performance that greets visitors as they enter Hoi An Impression Theme Park. The performance recreates the scene of an ancient harbor through folk songs, calls, and voices of merchants from all over the world.

Welcome to the World of Hoi An

Welcome to the World of Hoi An

2. The Tiger Fight Village

The “Tiger Fight Village” act takes you back to an ancient land in Quang Nam, where fierce tigers would attack and kill cattle and people. The hero of Quang Nam, Hò, bravely defeated the tiger to protect the people, becoming a symbol of the indomitable spirit of the Quang Nam people.

3. General Nguyen’s Call

This story highlights the pride in the national strength and spirit of the Vietnamese people as they respond to General Nguyen’s call to protect the country’s peace. This performance will leave you awe-struck, even giving you goosebumps with its acting, sound effects, and heroic storyline.

General Nguyen's Call Performance

General Nguyen’s Call Performance

4. Forest of Happiness

The “Four Great Beauties” show tells the story of selecting husbands for four beautiful girls living in Phong Nguyet Tower. Among them, the Lady of Phong Nguyet Tower is the most beloved character, exuding radiance and charm.

5. Hoi An Memories Show

This is a must-see show when visiting Hoi An Impression Theme Park. Come and experience it! This program offers a grand performance with over 500 performers, combining lights, music, and water to create magical moments. You will be captivated by the excellent stage production techniques and the meticulousness of each performance. After watching, you will be proud to be Vietnamese, cherishing the land of Hoi An more than ever, and feeling the stories of time within its golden walls and ancient houses.

Hoi An Memories Show attracts many tourists

Hoi An Memories Show attracts many tourists

Hoi An Memories, inspired by Vietnam’s traditional ao dai, utilizes this language combined with modern and professional stage production techniques, taking the audience on a special journey, reversing time to the 16th-17th century Hoi An. In this program, the audience witnesses the historical stories of Hoi An’s streets over the past 400 years—a place where cultures converge, connecting Vietnam with the legendary Silk Road by sea.

Grand Stage Investment

Grand Stage Investment

Since its debut, Hoi An Memories has attracted more than 1,000,000 viewers, becoming the first entertainment event in Vietnam certified by Guinness with two records: the largest daily artistic program with the most number of performers and the largest outdoor performance stage. Moreover, on March 14, 2019, Hoi An Memories became the first Hoi An performance to be shown at Times Square in New York City, the iconic symbol of Times Square.


The above is a detailed review of Hoi An Impression Theme Park. This park not only offers exciting experiences but also caters to all age groups. Regardless of your age, you can comfortably explore and enjoy fantastic activities here.

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